New Smart Logger II Audio Recording and Analytic Features Significantly Reduce Avaya Call Center Expenses

Smart Logger II integration with communication solutions designed by world communication market leaders (Avaya, Cisco, Genesys) allows call centers to use all range of Smart Logger II features including screen analytics without additional infrastructure expenditures.

The new release of Smart Logger II software allows Avaya users to get CTI data without any additional Avaya licenses. Now Smart Logger II gets data on call center agents and teams directly from Avaya System Management Service (SMS). Smart Logger II integration with Avaya SMS allows Avaya call center owners to save from 15 to 50% on supplementary license fees.

Moreover, Smart Logger II for Avaya call centers can perform selective incoming call recording due to VDN recognition that ensures call transferring within call center. If only certain calls need to be recorded, new Smart Logger II features significantly reduced time and space required for recordings storage. The number of TSAPI Avaya licenses needed for call center operation is reduced as well.

Another feature for Avaya call center users is simplified Smart Logger II administration due to automatic Avaya IP phone mapping.

STC is Avaya DevConnect partner. This program aims to promote the Avaya compilable solutions meeting high Avaya technological requirements. Apart from Smart Logger II other STC products are integrated with Avaya as well, such as voice biometric solution VoiceKey and IVR VoiceNavigator solution.