Smart Logger Box: new generation of STC’s standalone audio recorders

STC announces a modern and easy to use Plug&Play device for multichannel audio recording. Smart Logger BOX line will replace popular Smallogger II audio recorders. Smart Logger BOX allows you to effectively record dispatcher talks, ensure information security and quality of service control in organizations where mobility and autonomy of the audio recording system is of crucial importance.

Diverse Smart Logger BOX product line includes more than 20 solution versions based on recording source type (analog and digital lines, microphones, radio stations, hardware audio outputs and E1 trunks). Supports 12 volts power supply and PoE standard. Number of recording channels can differ from 4 to 60. The range includes HDD Removable Device Versions with HDD capacity from 500 GB to 1 TB.

Smart Logger BOX records and storages telephone conversations in case there is no possibility to allocate a separate PC with recording system software. Listening to the recordings, viewing of statistics and other actions allowed by the control system are carried out through web interface with multiuser https access.

If there’s no PC or connection to the data network and working with phonograms through web client is impossible you can use Smart Logger BOX Tabletop Modification Featuring LCD Screen and Manual Control.

With the help of headphones, you can listen to the recorded phonograms as well as conversations online.