The closing ceremony of the Sochi Paralympic Games 2014 was broadcasted live with subtitles for the first time in Russia!

Russia's first live broadcast with subtitles was held on March 16 due to an STC's development. the Official Internet Broadcaster of the Paralympics 2014 broadcasted sledge hockey, ski races and biathlon live with automatic subtitles from STC. The stunning closing ceremony was also broadcasted with subtitles. It was the first live video broadcasting with subtitles in Russia.

We hope that thousands of Russians with hearing restrictions watched live broadcasts from the Paralympics. STC will continue working to create truly "accessible environment" for all citizens of our country.

"Paralympics - it's not just a sporting event. This is an opportunity to change the social consciousness and attitudes towards people with limited abilities. Competitions in Sochi led many to question the need for a truly equal opportunities for all and that everyone should receive information in a convenient form. Today the achievements of modern science, including the achievement of STC in the field of speech technologies, can answer many challenges associated with the creation of an accessible environment,” - says STC CEO Dmitry Dyrmovsky.

STC’s automatic subtitles based on speech recognition technology can become a real breakthrough for Russian television. It is planned to create a technology of making subtitles in real time not only in the live webcasts, but also on the federal TV channels by the end of 2014. It’s difficult enough to embed the system into the existing television infrastructure which explains the delay of implementation.