Connect:ID: Conference & Exhibition, Washington, DC, USA

STC will be participating in the Connect:ID conference in Washington DC on March 17-19, 2014, themed, “exploration of physical & digital identity in the 21st century”.

Connect:ID is a visionary new event, powered by Science Media Partners and the International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA), that focuses on all aspects of human identity and the opportunities for its management in the physical and digital worlds. In an era where identity is increasingly mobile, global and transactional, this international conference and associated expo will explore the development and fusion of multiple advanced identity technologies – including secure credentials, biometrics, and digital identity systems.

Alexey Khitrov (President, SpeechPro, STC American office) will present Voice biometrics in multi-modal environment. New anti-spoofing capabilities, demonstrating VoiceKey Intelligent Voice Authentication Solutions. He will also speak of a novel way to combine voice plus facial recognition to achieve very high levels of confidence when authenticating the identity of individuals carrying out personalized commerce, communications and collaboration.

"Voice biometrics are in a growing demand. Governments are using voice ID to fight terrorism, drug trafficking, kidnappings and organized crime. Enterprise customers are replacing unreliable “what you know” (PINs, passwords) and “what you have” (RFID) authentication with easy to use and accurate voice biometric verification. However, the most interesting trend in the field is the emergence of multi-modal solutions that combine voice and other modalities (usually face recognition)” – says A.Khitrov.