Speech Technology Center at Worldwide Exhibition of Internal Security, Milipol 2009

Speech Technology Center (STC) invites you to visit booth number 13H030 at the annual Milipol Paris 2009, Europe's largest military and police technologies exhibition that will take place in Paris, France  on November 17, 2009.

Milipol Paris - an annual exhibition under the auspices of the French Ministry of Internal Affairs, is one of the most authoritative sources in the field of domestic security. The exhibition has several sectors including electronics and computer technologies, transportation, weapons, forensic equipment, optics and optronics.

The STC is a regular participant at Milipol, where it usually surprises the visitors with the diversity of its product line. This year, the company will grab the attention of the visitors with new developments in the area of biometric identification and audio/video recording. The STC opens its booth to display both its key products and innovations:

1) Smart Logger IIis an automated multichannel phone call and voicemail recording solutions. The system records phone calls and computer screens, archives and analyzes the collected data.

2) NewMilitary Voice Recorderis designed to record speech and playback the recorded audio through the built in loudspeaker or a PC. It provides excellent audio recordings quality and can be efficiently used even in cumbersome acoustic environment.

3) VoiceNet IDis a new product capable of operating Speaker Search and Identification. VoiceNet ID works with different media (phone lines, microphones, personal recorders etc.) both on the physical file and on the database layers.  Database volume is limited with hardware computing power only, thus providing an unparalleled opportunity to create nation/state-wide search-enabled phonoscope archives. The solution is cross-platform and scalable, based on the state-of-the-art proprietary clustered computing technology.

4) TheGnome-nano  is a new subminiature digital recorder. Despite its size the product provides a high-end digital audio recordings both indoor and outdoor even in most difficult acoustic conditions.

You are welcome to visit us at our booth to get further information about our products and see how they work.

Hoping to see you at Milipol Paris 2009!