STC expert helped justifying Colombian Security Department

In the course of audio examination the Key Expert of Speech Technology Center Sergey Koval has proved innocence of Colombian Administrative Department of Security (DAS) previously accused of illegal communications wiretapping.

The press conference on illegal phone calls monitoring and interception took place in the mid September in Bogota (Colombia) - a couple of months after a scandal provoked by illegally intercepted recording showing up in the mass-media. The recordings contained the communications between Colombian Supreme Court members as well as other important figures including the representatives of US Consulate in Bogota. The responsibility for the illegal wiretapping was placed upon Colombian Administrative Department of Security (DAS).

Similar accusations against DAS used to appear earlier: in February the media and the public blamed DAS for illegal wiretapping of journalists, lawyers, politicians.

To reveal the truth and control the debate, the independent expert with more than 35-year-old experience in audio examination, the representative of the Russian company Speech Technology Center, Sergey Koval was invited to participate in the press conference. Koval compared the recordings broadcasted in mass-media, and the recordings made by DAS legally. He applied more than 20 various audio characteristics in the course of examination and the analysis showed that the recordings had been made using completely different types of equipment.

As it was stated, DAS didn't have the necessary equipment that could produce the type of recordings that were distributed in the media. Thus, the findings of the Russian expert Sergey Koval became the substantial evidence of DAS not being guilty of illegal communications wiretapping  in Colombia.