Mikhael Khitrov at the InterSpeech conference

Mikhail Khitrov CEO of Speech Technology Center takes part in international scientific conference InterSpeech held 6-10 September in Brighton (UK). InterSpeech is the world’s largest scientific event in speech technology. It gathers leading specialists in all speech-related areas such as automatic text-to-speech and speech recognition, speaker identification and verification, signal processing, speech enhancement, etc.

This year more than 1500 participants from the USA, Japan, UK, Germany, France and Czech Republic attended InterSpeech. Russian innovative speech technology community was represented by Mikhael Khitrov who considered this event to be an important venue that could influence STC technology development strategy.

“Technology development was always one of top priorities for Speech Technology Center. - said Michael Khitrov. - Regular participation in InterSpeech and other scientific forums allows our company to analyze current speech technology market opportunities and perspectives, get to know about innovative technologies and successfully implement new and up-to-date methods. We always apply knowledge we've got at this types of events - it's one of the recipes for success of products and solutions.”

At the conference Michael Khitrov met key scientists in speech technology area and attended tutorials and presentations highlighting the current trends in technology of synthesis, voice recognition, voice identification, speaker diarization, emotion recognition, speech enhancement “We are on the cutting edge. - said Mr. Khitrov. – Due to the participation in the conference we are assured that STC follows all global trends in speech technology development. Most of the methods which are considered to be progressive by scientific community have been already applied by the specialists of our company.

We understand that technology development is the necessary condition of successful product being created. That’s why STC regularly attends the events where scientists exchange the experience, knowledge and discoveries in the area of speech technologies. We will follow this practice in the future, doing our best to make a considerable contribution to the speech technology development”.