STC`s participation at the 1st International Voice Biometrics Conference

Earlier this month Julia Khitrova, STC`s VP Sales and Marketing, has represented STC at the 1st International Voice Biometrics Conference (Washington DC, U.S.A.). As the arrangers said in the opening address, the Conference calling was due to the necessity to determine the place and role for voiceprint technologies in modern biometric parameters row.

During the VoiceBioCon, issues on Speaker Identification and Verification technologies and the opportunities of their usage in banking, financial and governmental spheres for data protection were discussed. Implementation of these technologies would allow a company to improve the customer satisfaction with high quality services, reduce business risks (especially for identification of users of banking services) and prevent personal identity data substitution and theft.

Keynotes addresses were delivered by representatives of both major R&D centers and companies involved in developing and marketing their proprietary speech products, as well as users of this technology - telecommunications companies and large manufacturing holdings. All participants pointed out huge perspectives of Voice Biometrics and a large market potential due growing demand from potential users.

Speech Technology Center was the first and the sole company that presented Russia at this Conference. And this is no coincidence. The company’s background includes over the 15 years of voice solutions development and as well as a number of successful products using technology user’s identification and verification by voice. For instance, VoiceNet - software complex for automatic identification of speakers in telephone channels; VoiceKey - biometric secure speaker verification/authentication technology, and VoicePin – the same technology modified for handhelds.