STC debuted at Hannover Messe

Earlier this week STC has successfully introduced itself at Hannover Messe, the world’s leading technology fair. In 2007 STC took part in this event for the first time at the joint booth of the Ministry of Science and Education of Russia.

At the fair, where the global leaders get together, STC has presented its latest technologies in the field of speech recognition and synthesis for Russian. In fact, there have been shown voice commands recognition technology VoiceCom, and Voice Digger application designed for key words spotting from phonograms in Russian. Both solutions demonstrated excellent results even in noisy environment; they have no analogues in the world.

The special attention to speech technologies was paid by the Head of the Federal Agency of Industry, Mr. Aleshin. He expressed his interest in use of our solutions in the aviation industry. And it is not by chance - STC has been working on the new generation of digital aviation recorders. Also, in 2007 STC started up a new project on aircraft navigation voice control.