The National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO)

Faculty: IT & Programming

Department name: Speech information systems

The department of "Speech information systems", opened in 2011 with the support of LLC “Speech technology center” (SpeechPro), joined the Faculty of Information Technology and Programming in the University ITMO. The department provides the education of specialists who is able to take part and lead the research and project work in the field of speech information technology with specialization in the areas of speech recognition and synthesis, recognition of individuals by voice, multimodal biometrics and development of end-user software.

The department provides a number of special courses (lectures, practice):

  • Digital Processing of Speech Signals
  • Speech recognition and synthesis
  • Speaker Identification
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Multimodal biometrics
  • Software development
  • Multithreaded programming
  • Design of Information Systems
  • System analysis and information process modeling 

The department accepts students with a bachelor (or higher) degree, preferably in areas of information technology and software, with excellent mathematical skills.

Specialty for students on the master program is «information science and computer engineering».

Within functioning of the department, it is possible to take joint researches and student exchange programs with leading foreign universities.

Prof. Yuri Matveev,

+7 812 325 88 48, ext. 6714