Smart Logger BOX: Standalone Audio Recorder

This efficient and reliable solution for phone call and microphone audio recording is perfect for both small enterprises and entities with multiple branches.

Product Library:


Smart Logger BOX is a standalone Plug&Play audio recorder. It requires neither supplementary software installation nor complicated configuration. It is a powerful multichannel audio recording tool in a small case. Sophisticated design, state-of-art hardware and web-based user interface, advanced features and extended functionality make this product perfect for solving various tasks and challenges.

Smart Logger Box is ready for data recording as soon as it is connected to the signal sources. The device features built-in access right restriction and operation logging. It identifies line state and phone numbers transferred over DTMF and Call ID standards and enables real time channel monitoring and control.

Smart Logger Box product line includes small size (STC-H605), table-top (STC-H605, STC-H656) and 19’’ rack (STC-H730, STC-H732) devices.



Smart Logger BOX Advantages

  • Audio recording of high quality
  • Safe audio recording access: safe access to audio file storage is ensured by HTTPS protocol according to access rights system
  • Cross-platform UI: no supplementary software is required. Administration and audio recording operation is performed via web interface
  • Low Power Consumption: small case device modifications consume less than 10 Watts
  • SL Connector software allows to create centralized database: recordings made with different Smart Logger Box devices can be incorporated into single Smart Logger II database
  • Centralized Smart Logger Box recorders monitoring: supplementary Status Monitor software allows you to monitor status of multiple recorders together with online status of main parameters (channel and device activity, device hard drive storage, etc.) in one web interface screen
  • Real-time signal level and audio monitoring. The device provides possibility of audio control (through listening) of written-down channels in real time
  • Integration with CDR/SMDR billing port of PBX. The built-in CDR/SMDR packages analyzer provides possibility for registration of extended phone call information. It is particularly important in the context of calls record on trunks of PBX
  • Efficient technical support


  • Working with analog signal sources, and ISDN subscriber lines and trunks
  • Up to 1Tb hard disk drive storage
  • Hight quality recording with sampling rate up to 48 kHz
  • PCM (16 bits), G.711 (А, μ - law) codecs support
  • Phone signal decoding, active and background Caller-ID modes
  • Three and two-wire phantom powered microphone supply connection
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) support
  • Model with buil-in LCD display for manual control and 3.5 headphone mini-jack
  • Removable hard disk drive modifications
  • Search, filtration and sorting audio files by any criterion
  • User actions logging
  • Remote software update
  • FTP audio file access
  • CDR/SMDR integration with PBX
  • Optional  remote monitoring software (Status Monitor)
  • Integration with Smart Logger II recording system via SL Connector software module

Smart Logger BOX Features a User-friendly Web Interface

  • No supplementary software required
  • Multiuser HTTPS login/password access
  • Hourly activity visual representation
  • Context-based search
  • Recording export
  • Recording channel adjustment
  • Real time signal level and audio monitoring of recording channels


Product Line

Smart logger box product line

STC-H605 compact recorder w/o LCD screen:

  • Compact design
  • Small power consumption less than 12 Watts
  • Models with internal or removable HDD
  • Passive cooling
  • 1 type of internal mezzanine plates for different sources recording*
  • 1 HDD (up 1 Tb)
  • External power supply with overload and overvoltage protection
  • All needed cables included

STC-H606 Table-top recorder w/o LCD screen:

  • Model with internal HDD
  • Passive cooling
  • Up to 2 types of internal mezzanine plates for different sources recording*
  • 1 HDD (up 1 Tb)
  • External power supply with overload and overvoltage protection
  • All needed cables included

STC-H606 Table-top recorder w/o LCD screen:

  • 2” Colour LCD screen, manual control and headphone socket
  • Real-time recording playback and channel adjustment through headphones
  • Manual control
  • Up to 2 types of internal mezzanine plates for different sources recording
  • 1HDD
  • External power supply with overload and overvoltage protection
  • All needed cables included

Smart Logger BOX in 19” 1U enclosure:

  • High density of different type record ports in the compact 1U device
  • Up to 4 types of internal mezzanine plates for different sources recording*
  • Up to 2 HDD`s
  • Integrated power-line supply with short-circuit and overvoltage protection
  • The strong steel case with passive cooling system

* Mezzanine plates can be installed in every Smart Logger BOX

STC-H465- up to 8 analog sources such as phone lines, mics, auxiliary outputs

STC-H529- up to 6 two-wire ISDN subscriber lines

STC-H597- up to 2 ISDN E1 trunks (EDSS1, R2)


Status Monitor Software

Device condition monitoring is essential for stable recorder operation in a network. Status Monitor software is perfect for solving this task. It allows you to monitor current condition of multiple recorders via web-based interface as well as key parameter online status (channel and device operation activity, HHD and device free space, etc.).

Status Monitor


  • Channel and device condition monitoring
  • Audiovisual failure notification  
  • Quick device adding option for monitoring via interface
  • Device integration
  • Demo mode for integrated device successive monitoring  

SL Connector Software

SmalLogger Connector is a tool for centralized recording access, recording backup and processing. It enables recording storage and processing (Smart Logger II) repository with multi-user access. 


  • Centralized data collection and storage
  • Long-term storage of large amount of data 
  • Efficient data search
  • Report generation
  • Flexible access right restriction
  • External source data import for further processing
  • Recording export to external media