AVIDIUS mobile: digital video/audio recorder

  • 12GB built in memory
  • AVI and WAV recording
  • Professional video codec JPEG2000
  • 1.2 hours recording time without battery recharge
Digital video/audio recorder AVIDIUS mobile
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Цифровой диктофон

Professional portable digital video/audio recorder with built-in flash memory. Ideal solution for covert body-worn surveillance.


  • Law enforcement agencies: capture voice and sound during special operations, in police vehicles, etc.
  • Emergency services (fire, ambulance, rescue): capture voice and sound during rescue operations and inside rescue vehicles
  • Professional services (legal, medical, business, journalism): record meetings, consultations and interviews


  • Digital signature prevents unauthorized listening
  • PIN-code access protection
  • No interference from electromagnetic radiation
  • Resistant to detection and jamming
  • Protective, durable metal casing
  • Colorful display
  • Voice data recording from telephone lines



  • Continuous high quality digital synchronous recording of video and audio from minicam and microphone with or without compression using a built-in microphone and/or one or two external microphones in the integrated flash memory
  • Recording started/stopped manually or automatically (by signal level / timer)
  • Data transfer from device to computer through USB
  • Direct-current power supply extends device operation time
  • Built-in battery rechargeable from power supply (110-220 V)
  • High quality video and audio: resolution 720x576/25 frames per second, audio - 16 bit, stereo
  • Professional video codec JPEG2000
  • Size and portability facilitates audio/video recording and viewing even in challenging conditions
  • Digital signature protects recorded data against modification
  • Resistant to electromagnetic interference
  • 3-5 hours operation time
  • Protective, durable metal casing
  • Supports all analog camera types
  • Camera powered by video recorder
  • Easy to use

Technical specification

Standard Application Audio and video recording—non-covert (e.g. meetings)
Size 112x59x15.8 mm;
4.40 x2.32x0.62”
Weight 180 g;
6.3 oz
Settings available via AV Manager software
Playback via From the device or PC
Power supply Li-Ion battery
Memory (1,5 hours) Built-in memory (12 GB)
Sampling rate 8, 16 kHz
Activation Manual switch
Timer (5 types)
Voice activation
Video standard PAL, NTSC
Video compression algorithm JPEG2000
Frame rate PAL - 1...25 fps
NTSC - 1...30 fps
Video bit rate 1...20 Mbit/sec
Min/max operating temperature -10 to + 60°С;
+14 to + 140°F
Features Digital signature,

Delivery set

  • Portable digital video/audio recorder AVIDIUS mobile
  • with an integrated battery and flash memory 12GB — 1
  • Video camera connection cable — 1
  • AV Manager software and recorder’s driver on CD — 1
  • Mini-USB 2.0 5 cable — 1
  • Power supply adapter (110-240V/50-60Hz) — 1
  • Line input audio cable (stereo) — 1
  • External microphone with a remote control unit — 1
  • Video camera with a cable — 1
  • Miniature headphones — 1
  • User Manual — 1
  • Package — 1