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Smart Logger II for Seltatel PBX recording
6 August 2013

Smart Logger II system released in August 2013 records phone calls made with Seltatel S@E IPX and SAEfon CL terminals.

The system is notable for wide set of registered parameters. Even in base delivery set the system contains information such as:

Smart Logger II for DECT Call Recording
26 March 2013


Smart Logger II, STC’s multi-channel call and screen recording solution, released in February 2013, now supports DECT call recording. The new feature provides information received from digital subscriber lines used to connect base stations to PBX.


Audio Forensics Technology White Paper is now available for download
1 February 2013

In recent years audio recording tools thanks to their reliability, small sizes and simplicity are widely used in everyday life and for security purposes. The whitepaper provides an overview on the typical audio analysis procedure and the Forensic Audio Workstation (FAW) which has a long history.

To download the White Paper follow the link


Opus Research Recognizes SpeechPro/STC as World Leader in Voice Biometrics Solutions
17 December 2012

Opus Research, in its Voice Biometrics Vendor Survey, has recognized SpeechPro/STC as an international leader in speech processing technologies, voice and multi-factored biometrics.

Opus Research

Speech Technology Center Deploys the World’s First Voice and Face Biometrics System in Ecuador
11 December 2012

Speech Technology Center (STC) is pleased to announce the successful deployment of the world’s first biometric identification platform, at a nation-wide level, that combines voice and face identification capabilities.

Voice print analysis with SIS II: comparing formants Webinar Video is Available
15 October 2012

If you missed the Webinar "Voice print analysis with SIS II: comparing formants" we offer you another chance to watch it!

Learn about the benefits and efficiencies gained by the new SIS II plug-in for search and comparing formants. The video demonstrates new capabilities of the software that simplify the audio investigator’s job while making your results more robust.

Brilliant speaker and useful information make this Webinar very useful for audio investigators.

To watch the video go here.

Seminar Scientific, Academic and Business Trends in Voice Biometrics in Finland
18 September 2012

Our finnish partner Vitim Oy holds a seminar devoted to the scientific, academic and business trends in voice biometrics. It will take place in October 3–4, 2012.

The first day will be focused on biometrics solutions for business and possible collaboration in this field. A brief description of voice biometrics and business applications will be discussed.

Help us make the Web-client of Smart Logger II better
24 August 2012

We are proud to announce the launch of the Web-client of the multi-channel call recording system Smart Logger II. The new Web-client provides an access to recordings and statistical information from the computers of any configuration with any operating system.

SpeechPro is recognized by Speech Technology Magazine
31 July 2012

This summer will bring the annual SpeechTek 2012 exhibition and conference to be held in NY City. Pursuant to the tradition over the past few years, the American Speech Technology Magazine announced in advance the winners of Speech Industry Awards. SpeechPro, a wholly-owned US subsidiary of Russia's Speech Technology Center (STC) became the winner in the category Star Performers Awards, which recognized speech technology vendors that have contributed to industry growth during the past 12 months through innovative product or service launches.

VoiceKey to be Introduced at SpeechTEK 2012
31 July 2012

Next month, SpeechPro, the STC's wholly-owned US subsidiary, will introduce VoiceKey, its new voice authentication solution, at SpeechTEK, the world’s largest conference-expo dedicated exclusively to speech technology. The event runs from August 13 to 15 and will be held at the Marriott Marquis in New York City.